Renting a DVD by mail continues to gain in popularity. Users have found the convenience and affordability of this new way to rent new releases of movies is much better than the local video store.

Getting Started with DVD Renting

Search: Online DVD renting companies allow you to select, rent and view DVD’s without ever leaving your house. This is done through rent-by-mail membership programs all through the internet. You can easily search through thousands of titles and select your rentals by simply clicking on the ‘Rent It’ button on the web site.

Make your list: Your DVD’s will be added to your rental queue or “wish list”. Your rental list is processed several times a day, and will immediately ship the items in your queue to you as soon as a returned dvd movie arrives.

Confirm: You will usually receive an email เว็บดูหนังออนไลน์ confirming your order and an additional email confirming the exact shipping time. Your DVD’s will soon arrive in your mailbox in a prepaid, pre-addressed custom envelope for easy return.

Reserve: Many times new releases can be pre-ordered so they arrive at your doorstep the same day they become available.

Steps to Renting DVD’s Online:

* Choose a DVD Renting Company
* Go to the website and register as a member
* Choose the dvd movies you want to see in the order you want to see them
* Your DVD rental order is process and packed
* Your chosen DVD’s are mailed first-class, usually within 24 hours
* Watch the rented dvd movies within 7 days or longer, depending on your rental company
* When you are done, drop the dvd movie in the mail using the supplied return case
* Your next dvd movie is automatically sent out when the returned dvd movie is processed