I’m always interested to see how other’s small business investment ideas work out. Recently I ran into a couple who bought a limo and started their own limo service. They’ve had huge success and I thought it was a story worth sharing. hult private capital reviews

At first, they bought the limo solely with the idea in mind to supplement their income. They both worked 9-5 jobs during the week and wanted to pick up some extra cash on the weekends. By buying a limo they thought they could offer luxury rides to high schools kids going to their prom, bachelor parties and even people who needed rides to the airport.

Once they got their limo they placed several ads on the internet and around their community. They were able to offer a lower price than other limo companies, because they had no staff. They didn’t have to pay their limo drivers, because they were the drivers. Within a few weeks they had 2 months worth of weekends booked. As they saw their client base grow and grow they were soon having to turn customers down because they were simply over booked.

Within a few months they’d used their profits to buy two more limos and hire additional drivers. They were making money hand over fist and it wasn’t long before they’d both quit their full time jobs and were in business for themselves. They’ve enjoyed their new found flexibility and are a shining example of how small business investment ideas can work for anyone.

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