There are a number of reasons why every business owner should invest in graphic design and branding for their business. Good branding and graphic design can add real value to an organization and actually generate revenue for those who invest.

When we are sent some promotional literature or a branded email from an organization we have not dealt with before and we see that the design is very poor with blurred images and an obviously homemade logo what is the first thing we think? We think “this company isn’t very professional in it’s approach” and promptly move on to do something more interesting or find a different supplier for the goods or services we are seeking.

When we see a poorly designed brochure or business card we tend to doubt the credibility of the organization they belong to. Business is all about relationships and relationships are built on trust. Bad design does not equal trust, it makes us doubt the capabilities and the credentials of the organization in question.

Conversely, good graphic design and branding builds trust and confidence in an organization. In our minds there is often a direct link made between good quality design and organizations we can trust – which major brand fails to understand this principle? Not many, at least not many successful brands. hult private capital reviews

High quality graphic design and branding should not be an after thought when the Business Plan for the year is done and dusted and the last spreadsheet completed. Even the most hard nosed money orientated business person should realise that where there is good design there is additional revenue to be generated. Where there is good design there is trust and positive feeling and that is good business, that is profitable business!

Investment in design builds a strong brand that is resilient, some of our best loved and most recognized business brand identities have existed for many years, their design evolving to keep up with current trends. During tough economic times we flock to these brands as they make us feel secure and we trust them, other lesser known brands fall by the wayside. Design makes organizations more robust and capable of riding out turbulent economic periods.

If your organization is targeting the youth market then failure to invest in high quality graphic design and branding will have a significant impact on your business success. The youth market is more obsessed than ever with form over function, these individuals are not just buying a physical product, they are buying an off the shelf image. Second rate design will not wash with these design savvy consumers, if your organizations’ products are not perfectly packaged, if there are cut corners in manufacturing or if your logo uses last weeks font – you will not sell as many units. Less units means less revenue, poor design will directly affect your bottom line.

But it is not just large organizations that can realize significant benefits from investment in design. Organizations of all sizes can access cost effective, high quality graphic design and branding services through use of freelance designers thus removing the requirement to invest in employing a full time member of design staff. During the current economic climate there are a number of designers who offer greater flexibility on fees for small businesses who may not have the budget to invest.

Classic marketing theory will tell you all about the value of differentiating your organization in the market place, a great way to do this is by leveraging high quality design. In markets where there may exist many substitute products or where saturation point has been reached, design can provide a much needed edge against the competition. There are many examples of design differentiating otherwise fairly ordinary products and services, value is added and more units are sold.

But good design goes further than generating revenue, it can even make a profound statement. Not for profit organizations and charities have very different objectives to other commercial organizations, they may have a strong message to communicate or a point to make. High quality graphic design and branding helps communicate messages in a way that engages the audience and resonates far beyond those who choose a cheap and nasty approach.